Sunday, December 27, 2009

What ARE my priorities? Really!

It has been told to me that I have my priorities wrong. (Among some other very vile things.) Although it bothers me to hear it from someone that I want to cherish everything about me, I KNOW it is not true. I know what is in my heart.

Look at my blog, for instance. Included in this blog are the things that mean the very most to me, the things that ARE my life, that occupy my thoughts and the things in my daily prayers. When I look at my previous posts, I see family. I see my children, my husband, my parents, and even my ancestors. I speak of love, Christmas, God and family. The music that plays is about faith in God and His mercy. Sprinkled into the mix is a bit of nature and, yes, one post that vents some frustration. What are the blogs I follow? That of friends.

So, what do I truly care about? What are my priorities? Family, God, Friends. Anyone see anything wrong with that? Anyone see anything different in me?

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