Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I've been spending quite a bit of time searching for my ancestors. It's a great way to get your mind off of stress, yet it feels good, unlike wasting time in front of the TV or something. (I do that too!) It's also a bit addicting! It reminds me of sewing... "I'll just sew the arm on, then I'll go to bed... well, maybe the collar too..." "Let me just see if a quick search comes up with who his mother was." Next thing I know, hours have gone by.

The really neat thing is that I have been able to find ancestors that my dear Mother searched for for years and never found. That is the miracle of the Internet and of indexing. I've been doing that too... indexing. It is the work of taking a scanned document and typing the information into a form online to make it searchable on the web. It's another good way to serve while keeping your mind busy. Check it out at:

Today, I mailed Nathan two ordinance cards. These are cards with an ancestors name and date of birth on them. He can take them to the temple in Australia and do "work" for them there. He gets to go to the temple there about every 6 weeks. Confused? Get answers at:,11267,1906-1,00.html

There are also frustrations. I get lost in my tree and don't know which branch I'm on! I thought I found a great-great-great grandfather. Now, I don't know. What are the odds of two Charles Buxton's being born in Providence, RI in the exact same year? I'm so confused as to which is which! Oy Vey!

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